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Whisky tasting bring people together.  Friends, family, colleagues, strangers . . . all sharing the same curiosity of having a greater understanding and enjoyment of the worlds greatest spirit.


At CopperCairn we have collectively been providing the worlds best whisky & hospitality experiences for over fifty years around the world.


Nothing brings us greater pleasure than hosting a fantastic group of people, as we share our stories, insights and knowledge about whisky…(naturally over a few drams!)


Whether you are hosting clients through work, celebrating a birthday, organising an event, or simply just wanting any excuse to share a dram with some close friends, we can organise and host your whisky tasting to a level that only experienced global whisky ambassadors can provide.

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Our whisky-tasting options include, but are not limited to:


Introduction to Scottish Whisky

(Non-Age Statement - 12 years old)

If you are new to whisky and want to start at the beginning,

we can guide you through some of the finest examples of young

single malts and blends that Scotland has to offer.


Super Premium Scottish Whisky

(15 years old to 21 years old)

Experience what the extra years in casks adds to a whisky's depth,

flavour and texture, contrasted against a wide range

of different distillery characteristics.


Old and Rare Gems

(21 years old and above) 

For the extra special, hard-to-find, and cult favourite whiskies out there,

leave it with us to collate and present you with a mind-blowing and

mouth-watering selection of some of the finest whiskies you will ever try.


Cask Specials

(Interesting and unique cask finishes and maturations) 

Did you know that around 70% of whisky’s flavour comes from the cask

it is matured in? Today, we are fortunate to have so many styles of oak

that have been seasoned in different ways, from sherry to Sauternes to

Mezcal and Madeira. Let us show you some of the best whisky finishes

and single casks there are!


The best of Independent Bottlings

Let us show you the side of a distillery you will rarely get to experience!

Hand-selected by Scotland's most significant independent

bottlers who have the best nose for interesting, unusual and

exceptional casks of whisky carefully curated over time.


Earth, Smoke and Fire

For those of you with a penchant for peat, a thirst for toasty,

and an appetite for earthy, let us bring you the full spectrum

of smoky and char-heavy whiskies available.


Customise your own experience! 

Whatever your preferences, we can tailor your whisky experience to the last drop.

Click the button below, then fill out the enquiry form below and leave it with us so we can bring the best whisky-tasting experiences to you.

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