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Image by Max Hermansson

 Spirit of Speyside Events

This year, we are delighted to unveil our curated series of extraordinary events for the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. Each occasion is crafted to captivate and enchant, ensuring an experience transcending the ordinary.

The Backstage Whisky Tour of Speyside
May 2nd,3rd & 4th- 1 pm - 4 pm

Depart from The Dowans Hotel, drop off at The Highlander Inn

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey that delves into the soul of Speyside whisky-making. Join us for The CopperCairn Backstage Whisky Tour—a rendezvous with the untold stories, exquisite drams, and hidden gems of Scotland's whisky heartland.

Venture into the heart of Speyside and step into our world as we unveil the secret whisky sanctuaries that have shaped Speyside's rich whisky legacy.

We will guide you through four exceptional drams that embody the essence of Speyside. Savour each sip as our insights and anecdotes bring the drams to life, stopping at distilleries and secret spots in Speyside, giving you a deeper connection to areas of craft and artistry.

You will be whisked around Speyside in our CopperCairn vehicles that comfortably seat ten people. Your journey will include a CopperCairn goodie bag with a specially branded Glencairn glass.

Spaces are intentionally limited to an intimate group of ten to ensure an immersive experience. The adventure begins with a pickup from The Dowans Hotel in Aberlour, and you will finish at the Highlander Inn, Craigellachie, with a half and half (half pint and a dram) to mix with the locals. Prepare for a whisky adventure like no other.

 £65 pp – Includes 4 drams, CopperCairn Goodie Bag, Half and Half at the Highlander.

Book Here for May 2nd

Book Here for May 3rd 

Book Here for May 4th

CopperCairn Backstage Tour
CopperCairn Backstage Tour Spirit of Speyside
CopperCairn Foraging tour

Barrels and Botanicals: A Whisky Foraging Adventure
Friday, May 3rd , 12 pm – 3 pm

Start – Dowans Hotel

Finish – Mash Tun

Join Fraser Campbell, whisky consultant at CopperCairn Whisky Adventures and ex-Global Ambassador of Dewars, for one of the most unusual events on Spirit of Speyside’s calendar. 

Embark on a captivating journey leaving from the Dowans Hotel, where Fraser and the accomplished forager Leanne Townsend eagerly await your arrival.

Leanne, a luminary in wild food culture and a distinguished researcher of culinary traditions across the UK and beyond, brings her expertise to the fore.

You will be guided to the enchanting Lynn Falls under their expert guidance. As the scenic landscape unfolds, Fraser and Leanne will introduce you to a captivating narrative of edible botanicals harmoniously paired with prebatched whisky cocktails crafted from the very ingredients surrounding you.

A reasonable fitness level and appropriate footwear are prerequisites for this adventure, unlike any other on the festival calendar.

£60 Per Person - Book Here

Never Mind the Bungholes –  A Whisky Quiz With a Twist. 

May 3rd  - 7 pm - 10 pm

The Dowans Hotel

CopperCairn Never Mind The Bungholes

Get ready to sip, swirl, and snicker your way through the Speyside Whisky Festival with the uproariously entertaining "Never Mind the Bungholes" whisky quiz!

Join Mitch Bechard and Fraser Campbell as they transform your average whisky quiz into an evening of side-splitting fun and remarkable spirits.

Gather your whisky-loving sleuth squad of 2 to 5 and prepare to decipher the dram mysteries crafted by these whisky wizards. With decades of whisky wisdom between them, Mitch and Fraser are like the Sherlock and Watson of the whisky world—except with way more charm and fewer deerstalkers.  As a Keeper of the Quaich, Mitch doesn't just hold a glass; he holds the secrets of the whisky universe. And Fraser's knack for turning obscure whisky facts into hilarious anecdotes/dad jokes will leave you enlightened and in stitches.

From brain-boggling trivia to unexpected whisky revelations, "Never Mind the Bungholes" promises an evening as entertaining as it is educational. And did we mention prizes? Oh yes, there will be prizes that will have you vying for the title of whisky wiz among your friends.

With only 30 spots available, this intimate gathering guarantees an evening of bonding and banter.  It's like a dram-filled game night that you never knew you needed!  Book your tickets and be part of the whisky quiz that's as smooth as a well-aged single malt!

£55 Per Person – Includes 4 drams & canapés. 

Book Here 

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